Thursday, 5 October 2017

Writing - Word power

I'm sure I've written blogs on similar topics before but as it is political party conference season in the UK it has to be mentioned.
It has to be said that my heart goes out to the families of those killed and injured in Las Vegas on Sunday. There have been many words thrown about the reasons why a man, a millionaire, would take such actions, but surely many more questions should have been asked about why one man needs to purchase 42 weapons including assault rifles along with thousands of rounds of ammunition?

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On to the party shenanigans. In one sense it is the opportunity for people not renowned for their upfront honesty, MPs, to writhe and twist their words in the full glare of the media. My impression was that such conferences were to see through party business but they have become political, end of pier, vaudeville shows of little or no real value. That may sound somewhat cynical but I have been subjected to 67 years of lies, ignorance and backbiting that is British politics. Now of course, in addition, the EU parliament is publicly ridiculing the performance of our Brexit negotiators and even sniping at the infighting going on in the Tory party. The cameras have kept tight on the Tory stars being interviewed and that seems to be a bit of a Trumpism (is that a new word?). Cast your mind back to his railing at the media over the numbers of people seen at his inauguration in comparison to Mr Obama's. There are very few people following the Tories while they claim to be the party of the people.

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In comparison the Labour Party were having a party a few days ago. Amazing sessions with thousands of Corbynites baying for their darling and standing ovations for one of the oldest MPs 

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Dennis Skinner MP

The 79 year old Beast of Bolsover was in fine fettle, nailing capitalist economies failings in just a few minutes at the party conference. If you add to that the words of the manifesto that crushed Tory support last June and it raises the question why on God's Earth does anyone vote for the Conservatives. Those who do are voting for continued serfdom and for continuing vain hopes of crumbs dropping from the tables of the super rich. They are voting for cruelty and the spreading degradation of the ordinary people, and from a religious aspect it is a party founded on anti-Christian ideals. Yet if challenged you will find many Tories hypocritically on bended knee of a Sunday! I'm amazed that there are so few bolts of lightning.

The bottom line of course is that none of these conferences or occurrences would be of any interest if folk didn't perform the gymnastics with words. Writers do it all of the time. They lead the reader along paths that may seem slightly familiar even though they are not. They do the impossible for the reader and all with the vehicle of words.

God Bless