Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Poetry Thursday 282 - Forward thinking

The title because there is no point in looking backwards.

No Rewind Button

When we take that first breath,
the first step on the track to death,
there are no branches or sidings,
just one set of rails we’re following.

Different routes become clear,
junctions give the choice to veer,
but once off on a different track,
there is no opportunity to turn back.

All our motion must be forward,
we can’t lose our way toward,
the ultimate, inevitable cessation,
and pulling in at that final station.

If we are to enjoy our journey,
making the most of every opportunity,
then we must enable changes,
be brave, and expand scope of ranges.

Presented then with the choices,
to satisfy the drive of inner voices,
we choose the most favourable branch,
and take the path of least resistance.

Only when close to the final stop,
do we understand how our choices prop,
the aims throughout life’s expedition,
to a happy and satisfying conclusion.
©David L Atkinson November 2017

God Bless