Friday, 10 November 2017

Writing - Semi-det bung.

I read the back of a bottle this week and was surprised to see the claims it was making as to the flavour of its contents. It reminded me of a wine show that I watched years ago when the 'expert' (old drip under pressure), described a white wine as smelling and tasting of petrol and lemons. Well after laughing my socks off I considered my reaction if served such a wine - straight down the sink!

Semi-det bung.

The above wine debacle set up a chain reaction in my mind that reminded me of an advert for a house sale that created hilarity in the Atkinson household many years ago. It was for a semi-detached bungalow described as a des. (desirable) res. (residence). The advert was in the local newspaper and so had the abbreviations described. To others it may not seem funny but if in a more biological frame of mind consider again.

This product is one that I use daily particularly in the morning but not exclusively so. The clue is really in the cedarwood. This is an upmarket shower gel. Black pepper!!!!

Fairly obviously a washing up liquid but this is one of a range of products that claim to have amazing capabilities in part attributed to having a fruit base. Seriously! 

Finally, my favourite for all sorts of reasons.

This is a positive flavour fest with vanilla, caramel, latte, almonds, sun dried raisins, banana cake and maple syrup. The person writing this label indulged in a rich range of adjectives also. The banana cake is 'moist', the caramel 'creamy' and the flavours are 'silky'. A fine, persuasive list of attributes to what is a brand of whisky. I must say that in a decent scotch I can usually manage the vanilla and caramel flavours but the rest require a deal of creative imagining.

The point is that we describe and are subject to, persuasive writings in everyday life. As authors there is rarely a situation where your writing won't be enriched by a little excursion into picturesque language so keep your eyes open as to when and where it is used and enjoy the imagery.

God Bless