Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Poetry Thursday 287 - Advent

The season of anticipation is here yet again.

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And so the season begins again,
the frenetic behaviours claimed for God’s reign.
The weather has changed to a persistent chill,
fanned by the wind, and rivers the rains fill,
threatening to overflow and flood
homes and businesses with filthy mud.
Rain clouds blotting out the sun,
causing us to dash between the shops at a run.
Worrying about how to pay,
for the largesse wanted for just one day.
Black Friday is over for another year,
but did big business really care,
for the battling, pushing, chilly queues
of people spending money they could better use.

So we prepare to celebrate the birth
of a boy who grew to be of great worth.
But how do we recognise that gift of love
in each other, because a boy was sent from above?
The internet has facilitated contact by email,
more rapid than Her Majesty’s Royal Mail.
But do we make less meaningful signs,
to friends, acquaintances where before we wrote lines,
because we can send wishes with a single click,
salving our consciences with this electronic trick.

Would Jesus have railed at people neglect,
between friends and relatives and how we select
whom to send cards to through the post?
Are they the ones we love the most?
Should we perhaps follow his lead
and treat each other according to need.
To spread the love to all we know,
send messages of hope and even go
and visit folk, both friends and neighbours
without expecting the return of favours.

I fear the Christmas road we’ll travel
will again be of a commercial gravel,
and no feather-bed of gentle humanity
meeting at Christmas in holy community.
But let us at least try to remember the reason,
and enjoy the love of the Christmas season.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

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But in the spirit of poetry and Christmas.

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The seasonal animal being prepared,
for the record breaking effort ahead,
with the joyful cargo hauled behind,
to spread happiness throughout human kind.

Largely gentle but quiet beasts,
requiring high energy, daily feasts,
they train 11 months of the year,
to become Santa’s reindeer.
© David L Atkinson December 2015

God Bless