Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Poetry Thursday 289 - Christmas v capitalism

Of course it isn't just the spirit of Christmas that has been increasingly tarnished by capitalism but this is the season we're in at the moment.
As a tradition I read A Christmas Carol and watch George C Scott's version of the film in December.

Dark Spirits

The day was in the chill, dank grip of December,
the spirits ride the breeze, zephyr-like,
searching for the living souls tell-tale ember,
to which it will appear dreamlike.

Apparitions at large are of dual nature,
both good and evil ready for employment,
waiting to project their dose of culture,
intended for the recipients deployment.

Success or failure is not in the remit,
they will chill or terrify as designed,
their function to open hearts and permit,
a life more acceptable, resurrected.

Reasoning impossible with a ghost,
the wise listen, learn and change,
the party at which the spirit is host,
will return seasonal happiness within range.
© David L Atkinson December 2016

The above was inspired by the 3 ghosts of Christmas

Dazzling Days

Started in September shop floors overflowed,
with gold, red, green and glitter,
stirring dormant memories suppressed
for a year to allow the mind to recover.

The pressure builds as time goes by
to begin to spend hard-earned cash,
even though we take time and try
to avoid yet another Christmas big bash.

Emotions run high and provide the force
to ensure recipients have even more,
but we worried last year about lasting the course,
that made us spend until we abhorred.

The love for Christmas doesn’t come from spending,
more from thinking about family and friends.
Planning parties, buying presents and card sending,
are the important parts rather than the dazzling ends.
© David L Atkinson December 2016

The second poem came from seeing Christmas goods on shelves in August!

God Bless

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