Friday, 15 December 2017

Writing - Why may the peasants revolt?

The fringe news on the internet is littered with speculation as to the intention and outcomes of this Tory government. Trying to glean the truth from the fake news is quite difficult but there seems to be a strong feeling that the stripping of what little ordinary people possess and giving it to large corporations will be the death knell of this government.

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On the night of the 13th June 1381, 14 year old king Richard II looked out from the Tower of London to see his city burning and the streets in chaos. Thousands of armed men and women had swarmed into the city over London Bridge to hunt down the lords and officials they called traitors for their corruption and their oppression of the poor.

Almost seven hundred years later I ask what is the difference? Ordinary people have been sold the myth that if you make the rich richer the wealth will trickle down to benefit everyone. Of course this is a blatant lie. As the rich get richer they work harder to retain more of it. Hence the development of tax havens and tax avoidance strategies.

The number of people attending food banks who are in work is growing; the numbers of homeless is on the increase; the number of children growing up in poverty is on the increase; and, the numbers dying as a result of badly made assessments of their ability to work is shameful. We are led to believe that the austerity programme inflicted on the populace is necessary to correct the balance of payments deficit. However, who is the programme applied to? The ordinary working person. Who is allowed to make as much profit as ever and avoid paying fair taxes, the rich, the super rich and huge corporations.

Now if there was a motive for the 21st century peasants to revolt, it is there for all to see. When you consider that over 17 million people voted to leave the EU, many of them are subjected to austerity and have been for 7 years. If what they voted for - to leave the EU - is delayed and fudged, how are they going to react? How will the government handle that number of disaffected citizens?

God help this country if the current government continues.

God Bless