Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Poetry Thursday 292 - Are you ready?

I've been fortunate to have lived a long time and on that journey have seen many people die. There are all sorts of trite statements that are supposed to be supportive or explanatory when discussing the death of a friend or loved one but as those who have had the experience know, it is a personal space that grief thrusts you into and wholly individual in nature.
Over a two week period, significant only because of Christmas, a number of people from our church family have died.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?
If called have you prepared for the ending?
The longer spent on the path the more footprints that have been left.
The young leave fewer but more clearly defined,
whereas with age the shapes weather and blur.
Both are significant.

Are you ready?
The passing spreads as ripples on a pond when a stone is dropped.
Each concentric wave envelopes its crowd of spectators.
As the spread increases so the crowd itself thins,
marking the passage of time.

Are you ready?
None are immune although the media seems to be suggesting otherwise.
Have you conducted yourself with love and gentleness throughout the journey?
Then your final steps will be met with love and regret,
marking the quality of your sojourn.

Be ready.
As the where and when are rarely predictable,
your daily conduct is informative.
Live your life on the daily walk,
draw others along your path.
Guide and follow in equal measure as humility should be the backdrop to your journey.
Decorate your scenery with care.
©David L Atkinson January 2018

God Bless

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