Monday, 22 January 2018

Tuesday Food Blog - All sorts

Not Bassett's liquorice! It has been a strange eating week. There are no surprises but a tasty shortcut.

Chilli and mash

This is a real quick comfort food. Imagine you've come in from work, your really hungry and need to whip up something with a bit of a bite in half an hour. I had potatoes in, had run out of rice, a tin of steak, a tin of baked beans and an onion.
I always have herbs and spices in so there was chilli, tomato puree, garlic salt sea salt and black pepper which I sauteed with the onion while the potatoes were boiling.
The beans and meat are already cooked so ten minutes of bubbling with the cooked onion base and the meat sauce was done. Potatoes mashed with milk and butter - hey presto! almost instant chilli con carne.

An egg with a double yolk

I bet that I have only had a double yolked egg two or three times in my life. I cracked this one today. Having just returned from the dentists at which I had a filling repaired and feel as if the young man had spent half an hour walking around inside my mouth wearing hobnailed boots, I wonder what sort of experience I would have had without the above good luck.

Almost full English

Only 'almost' because it lacks tomato, mushrooms and black pudding. Please notice that hash browns are NOT part of a full English breakfast. If you require carbohydrate then a slice of fried bread or toast is the correct addition.

God Bless