Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Poetry Thursday 296 - Futures

Yesterday the hundredth anniversary of votes for some women past by. The punch line being that capitalism actually won the day. The women that were allowed to vote had to be over 30 years of age and property owners. I wonder how many of them were from working class backgrounds? I know it was a first important step that led to today's situation but we're still fighting capitalism so that women can be equally represented in all levels of work and in society.

There is one very important aspect of women's work that I believe is being neglected and that is motherhood. I am not referring to giving birth but the raising of children. This one is not saying that it has to be done by a woman but biologically this is still the case in the majority of families on this globe. It is an essential role from many aspects and, in my opinion, entirely suited to the female psyche.

Is it safe?

From the moment a child is conceived,
lives are changed forever.
The parents’ existence cannot be retrieved,
irrespective of how hard the past is held.
But different goals may be achieved.

Safety becomes the main talking flavour,
from the moment of its first appearance.
‘Don’t leave them outside shops’ is the answer,
on the others’ trip abroad for the first time.
In no time curfew instructions when they are older.

The parental prayer is ‘keep it safe Lord’,
from the hazards of the current world.
But you can’t live their life as age soared,
or cushion their being from danger.
Be a safety net when they fall overboard.

There will come a time when they leave the nest,
anything else would be slightly sad.
Then will your teachings stand the test,
in keeping them safe and free from harm.
But it is scant relief from the pain in your chest.
©David L Atkinson February 2018

God Bless