Friday, 16 March 2018

Writing - Reds under the bed

What a week. 
It is almost a fortnight since the Skripal's were poisoned in Salisbury and the diplomatic wrangling rumbles on. It is a very sharp reminder of the cold war of the sixties and seventies.
This occurrence has stirred up a hornet's nest within the Labour Party as Jezza has shown support for the government but urged caution and to follow the evidence, whereas some of the party want to jump on the emotive bandwagon of precipitate action. This reminds me of Tony Blair and the desperation with which he wanted to create a war alongside George W Bush and followed dubious evidence that was probably 'doctored' and led to the suicide of  Dr David Kelly. There is a book in that occurrence alone.
BUT I went to see a little praised film - Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton.

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Red Sparrow

I'd been put off by 2 and 3 star reviews but having reflected on its female star it seemed unlikely that it wouldn't have some aspects going for it.

The story was created by author Jason Matthews.

Jason Matthews, is following the tried-and-true rule: Write what you know. Matthews is ex-CIA: He's a former station chief with 33 years in the clandestine service. He says the film "did get it right. They stayed fairly close to the plot of the Red Sparrow book. Generally, the tradecraft is authentic and reflected the old Cold War techniques."

However, it was another piece of writing that has probably discouraged rather than dragged the customers in to see the film. The movie blurb concentrates on the sex and violence but in fact the story is excellent and has more twists than a french plait. So I would say if you like Jennifer Lawrence then you should go.

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But to return to the political situation the similarities between the beginning of the Gulf War 2 and the current situation are frightening. A weapons expert has identified the poison used against the two Russians as Novichok (remember weapons of mass destruction!) which is only produced by the Russians (unlikely as it is almost thirty years since it was first produced), and therefore Putin is guilty. It allows our failing PM to get her teeth into something that will make her look strong and stable. Strikingly similar to Thatcher with the Falklands and Blair in Iraq.

No wonder Corbyn is urging caution and the rest of his party need to wake up to the possibility of false news from the Tories.

God Bless