Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Poetry Thursday 305 - Eleventh hour

I remember very well the feelings of nervousness as Nikita Kruschev removed his shoe and thumped it on the table at the United Nations in anger at the blockade of US ships preventing him from landing nuclear weapons on Cuba. I remember the civil defence lessons of how to prepare a room in your house to prevent contamination from nuclear fall out. I also remember such films as On the Beach (1959 - Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins) depicting life on a devastated planet after nuclear war. Yet here we are again. The players are different, the reasons are virtually the same and the consequences will be no less devastating. 

It is time the ordinary people of this world stopped following the paths of the greedy moguls and their attendant governments for they will always treat us as nothing but pawns in their search for more wealth and power.

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Eleventh Hour

Will they ever think outside their own box?
Consider their actions’ consequences,
or will the self-centred need for rocks,
give false impression of strength of defences?

Who should decide what is right?
Which side is as pure as driven snow,
or is it self-delusion of might,
that reinforces the power of self-know.

The bottom line is much more serious
for the rest on this blue-green planet.
We are at the mercy of the imperious,
misguided, self-absorbed greedy gannet.

Time for the proverbial worm to (r)evolve
and refuse to follow greed and power,
to select a leader with peaceful resolve,
as we could well be at the eleventh hour.
©David L Atkinson April 2018

God Bless