Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Poetry Thursday 307 - Dark times

Although this subject may seem depressing it isn't because I am depressed now but I do have experience and to give confidence to those who are worried about depression you can come out the other side.

Dark Hall

If I sat in the dark hall
with my back to the wall,
who would notice or care,
or even be aware that
I was sat in a dark hall?

When the cleaner came or I missed lunch,
perhaps no choiring or repeated pub absence,
because I’m in the dark hall
with my back to the wall,
not taking part in the world.

What would be the difference as such,
if I’m sat in the dark hall,
with my back to the wall,
no longer concerned over being in touch,
would others know or care that much?

Perhaps it is what we all need,
 a place like a dark hall,
where you can sit with back to the wall,
to give yourself a personal time out,
and review the world, relationships and all.
©David L Atkinson April 2018

I never had difficulty with the dark. Even as  a child I wasn't afraid of the dark. I remember my father telling me that the dark was nice, like a warm blanket and it seemed to do the trick.

God Bless