Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Poetry Thursday 309 - Fly kites

This week has been interesting from an inspirational point of view. There have been tendrils of ideas clinging momentarily to the creative parts of my brain and then drifting away to be lost in an impenetrable darkness.
There was 'I'd rather be a hammer than .......'; then anti- Tory ideas which are so many and varied even I am becoming blase.
I could be totally self-centred and bore the pants off you. 
However, all topics were a possibility in the end, which reminded me of this in sonnet style:

Mackem Shakespur

Where stories come from

The beautiful thing begins like a seed
germinating in perfect conditions.
A writer’s imagination is freed
to pursue a tale as in compulsion.
The tendrils of growth spreading like young shoots
turning and writhing forever outwards,
clutching the air, drawing food from its roots,
nourishment to propel life onwards.
When the story is fully matured,
put out in the world for others to read,
the bounty is fruit both rich and poor
which goes to feed the next beckoning seed.

Writing brings joy with every story,
each one wrote and consigned to its glory.

© David L Atkinson November 2014

A theatrical kite

  When I was young I should have flown more kites

Instead of fighting in the playground
Rather than arguing with my parents
In place of worrying about exams
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of concentrating on soccer
Rather than avoiding my school work
In place of looking for a girlfriend
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of drinking too much
Rather than avoiding deadlines
In place of endless late nights
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of worrying about the kids
Rather than fighting with the wives
In place of agonising about money
I should have flown more kites.

As they soar on the wind there is a freedom
Transmitted down the strings like electricity
Then it fizzes in the brain blowing cobwebs away
Energising the whole being keeping you young.
©David L Atkinson May 2013