Monday, 21 May 2018

Tuesday Food Blog - Frittata

Is it warm enough for salad? For me - never! So today I brought out my frittata recipe and searched the cupboards. The good news was four veg as well as the eggs and all in one dish.


My father would have called it a posh omelette but there is more cooking involved and more ingredients. This was a vegetarian option because that is what I fancied so apart from eggs there were onions fried with garlic, potatoes, sweetcorn and peppers. All very tasty. 
No secret tricks or ingredients but cook the dish slowly. I read a version of this that involved sliding the dish on to a plate to flip it and return to the pan for the final five minutes. I stuck it under the grill.
I think that this was quite a healthy dish as I used olive oil for the cooking and as I said before used 4 veg.

Not so healthy but definitely comfort food was this dish I made last week.

Steak and kidney pudding with sauteed potatoes and peas

Definitely not healthy although there were 2 vegetables. The pudding was tinned by a well known manufacturer as were the peas. The potatoes were par boiled then finished off in the frying pan in olive oil, cooked until crispy.

I mention this meal because my mother used to make her own suet puddings, rarely savoury, more usually apple or spotted dick. It seemed to me as a young boy that it involved a great deal of steam and dangerous transporting of very heavy pans with the mysterious pudding wrapped in cloth. What came out, slathered with copious amounts of custard, was deliciously sweet until you only had the suet left which was rather like eating something of the consistency of cotton wool with a tendency to swell in the mouth as it sucked all of the moisture from your salivary glands.

I was always happy with stewed apple and custard!

God Bless