Monday, 7 May 2018

Tuesday Food blog - Tamagoyaki and shepherds' pie

The range of food this week is varied by necessity and liking.

I was lucky to spend a week or so in Osaka, Japan several years ago and even ten years on, become nostalgic for the flavours so periodically I indulge myself and make something from Japan. 


Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelette that often is taken to school by children in their bento boxes or as a breakfast side dish. 

It is easy to make just being a combination of eggs, sugar, soy sauce and optional spring onions or benito flakes. I tend to do without either and just eat it on its own. It makes a filling breakfast made with 2 eggs, 2 tbsp water, 1 tsp sugar and 2 tsp light soy sauce. 
The technique in cooking is to use a square frying pan, and pour the mixture in small batches. When the first batch is cooked it is rolled and kept at one end of the pan while the second batch is cooking, you then roll the first in the second and pour in the final batch repeating the process. This can be eaten hot or cold.

Shepherds' Pie pilaf

A pilaf is sometimes a convenient way to use up, well this one was an addition to a traditional Shepherds' pie. I had some pie filling left over, added rice, spices and tomatoes and bingo a very tasty meal.

The Shepherd's Pie

Shepherds' Pie at last but even then not quite standard. In eating vegetables I'm rather like a child in that if veg are hidden I'll eat them and so this pie contained peas and broccoli leaves as well as an onion. There is a good layer of cheese on the top.

All quite simple and very tasty.

God Bless