Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Poetry Thursday 313 - Inside life

Life is a more complex, busier thing than it was when I was a child. It seems that as humans have become technologically more able, that everything began to accelerate, but we humans still have the old frailties.

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Hope from Life

When with friends the soul lacks its skin.
Laid bare, tender, sensitive, delicate.
Trust builds over years – protections thin,
vulnerability grows then comes a fate.

A chance comment, ill-thought word,
damage may be incalculable.
No design intended but injury incurred,
length of recovery unfathomable.

 Exposed in a skill display but failed,
embarrassment, hurt, damaged pride, shame.
No choice but escape to solitude to rail
against one’s own blackened name.

A change wind blasts away the pain,
love clears clouds away uncovering the sun.
Quickly the world is brighter again
and life once more relinquishes fun.

Children tease out the sun’s rays
simply by appearing to parents,
like butterfly replies to whispered prayers.
Arriving as love nurtured presents.

So no matter how naked the soul,
irrespective of peach soft protection,
there is hope written on life’s scroll,
and peace from seed sown devotion.
© David L Atkinson June 2015

In recent months, and possibly in an effort to assuage some of the problems being experienced as a result of the careering bustle of life, courses on 'mindfulness' have sprung up. That term is often accompanied by another - meditating. I know little of mindfulness but have dabbled in yoga which also promotes meditation. It struck me as a subject worth considering.

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Now I feel the warmth of the day.
Now I see the bright summer sky.
Now I feel the softness of cushions.
Now the warmth of liquid flowing in my gut.
Now I hear songs of birds working.
Now I hear gentle music.
Now I sense faltering sounds of learning.
Now I hear cars bustling on their way.
Now I see insects striving for pollen.
Now I smell the fragrances of flowers.
Now I hear human voices.
© David L Atkinson June 2015

I remember having philosophical discussions, quite often alcohol fuelled, when at college with fellow students on the meaning of life and other such trivial matters. I know these ideas are from original, but we used to talk about evidence. The above collection of phrases, calling it a poem would be a little arrogant I feel, are evidence of what is around me this afternoon. It is possible to see why mindfulness would have a positive effect on the human state. The simple action of stopping and using one's senses to examine the immediate environment reveals the delightful nature of the world.

God Bless

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