Thursday, 7 June 2018

Writing - Political hokey cokey

Today could be a major decision day in regards to Brexit providing our PM can remove the digit from her derriere and be decisive.

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Irrespective of the campaign in 2016 which the incompetent incumbent of no 10 at the time messed up massively, the vote by the majority of the people in the country voting at that time voted to leave the EU. Many of those people are members of the labour party or are life long labour voters - look at where they live.

The point I'm making is, that if the Labour party do not take into consideration the vast numbers of their members that voted leave, when it comes to the next election the labour vote will collapse. The warning signs were there in the local elections in May where UKIP members gravitated to the Tories, on the collapse of their party, which had the effect of reducing labour majorities in labour heartlands like the North East. I have donated to the party this morning as requested but as a leaver I am beginning to be concerned as to where the Labour party will stand when it comes to the crunch. My reasons for wanting us to leave the EU is because of the size it has become - 27 countries is too big to work efficiently - the fact that the poorer countries entering the 'club' are being subsidised by the richer countries; and, there is growing unrest in some EU countries that could cause the whole thing to break down in the future. Staying in the EU is tantamount to maintaining the status quo which Jeremy Corbyn is surely wanting to change. The status quo is our people being controlled by capitalistic dictators.

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The EU is the home for such people and is fighting to maintain its position so as a leaver I am disappointed that right thinking people who wish to improve the lot of all of our citizens should be supporting that viewpoint and the capitalist Blairite attitudes.

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