Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Poetry Thursday 317 - Play safe

I am not often requested to produce a piece of poetry but it happened a couple of days ago. It is a compliment but on the other hand, for someone who credited £1.05 to his bank account in royalties, perhaps I should be charging.
Anyway, not being in that category of writer I proceeded with the piece of poetry. I was given a photograph which you see below and asked to write a sarcastic piece. Now as someone who has been writing poetry for years, has 2 compilations published and writes weekly in this blog I am used to responding to whichever direction my mind takes me.

In Case of Emergency

Travelling on public transport is a bit risky.
Equipment is provided against unsafety,
with instructions somewhat contradictory.

Foam fire extinguishers must be kept cool,
else they will burn as well as the fool,
holding them so what’s the point?

Emergency Light Sticks in bright sunlight,
next to useless unless used right,
read instructions in the dark.

First Aid boxes held by our people,
but not allowed medicine, plasters or a receptacle,
and after union strikes no holding staff.

Emergency Break Glass hammer firmly encased,
in a cabinet impossible to be accessed,
without a hammer to break the glass.

Door Emergency release which mustn’t be used,
when the containing vehicle is being moved,
and so do not touch till travel is done.

Emergency Alarm Handle to speak to the driver,
who as a busy vehicle actuator,
so interrupt at your own peril.
©David L Atkinson July 2018

Now I don't know whether or not I have achieved what I was asked to produce in total but in some respects I think I have. That is the danger of commissioning poetry. It is rather like commissioning a portrait from an impressionist painter, you may not like what is produced.

God Bless

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