Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Poetry Thursday 318 - Cloak of Invisibility

The inspiration came from a chance comment of an over 60 last week when he/she stated that they felt invisible. Now I'm not complaining for myself as I have always tended to feel safer on my own and find relationships difficult, but I have heard similar statements and identify the trends.

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Cloak of Invisibility

Eventually we all may live to achieve,
an age whereby our place on the Earth,
if you will allow your mind to believe,
is of tenuous nature and diminishing worth.

The fact of increasing invisibility,
is neither some devious magic trick,
maybe a psychological ability,
nor the application of something physically slick.

Just the passage of years provides the skills,
to seem to be hardly there at all,
not even an act of conscious will,
causes others to fail to notice or call.

In that there is rarely malignity,
no active behaviours or unfortunate choices,
are intended to impugn one’s dignity,
but rather the failure to seek the voices.

A subject they don’t at Hogwarts teach,
at an age no cloak of invisibility,
just gradual disappearance as aged we reach,
fading into gentle obscurity.
©David L Atkinson July 2018

God Bless

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