Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Poetry Thursday 319 - Root and branch

I am a political animal and affronted daily by the media's bias in favour of the losing 'remain' vote of the referendum of two years ago. In my opinion the EU has become an enormous, unwieldy club for the fat cats and billionaires of the region. More and more poorer countries that supposedly met the EU's entry qualifications have been admitted to the 'club'. They are subsidised by the wealthier nations.
There are signs of strain in the fabric of the EU - Italy, Spain, the 'euro area' - is far from robust and could break down in time and we don't want to be left holding the baby.
Our culture is being diluted to the point where being English amounts to very little.
Freedom of movement would be great if the 'movers' all went to Bulgaria and Romania.

As a voter I have had to put up with minority governments and unsavoury leaders for years so you remainers need to shut up and live with the referendum result as I have had to live with successive capitalistic governments.

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Political fantasy

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
May’s Brexit confused strife,
an escape from honesty.

Open your eyes,
look up at the prize,
and see.

The people have spoken,
their minds are made up,
the vote was no token,
but decisive enough.

You can not remain,
the deal should be plain,
its time without doubt,
to pack up and get out.
©David L Atkinson July 2018

But now to something really important. Yesterday Joe Root scored another century making him the top run maker in limited over cricket fro England. He has now scored 13 centuries and has an average of over 51 which is considerably better than the over lauded Kevin Pieterson. This limerick is in celebration of a fine Yorkshireman.

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There is a young man called Root,
who believes scoring runs is a hoot,
he destroys country’s bowlers,
their bouncers and pea rollers,
hitting boundaries and sixes to boot.
©David L Atkinson July 2018

God Bless

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