Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Poetry Thursday 330 - Epic Poor

I admire the tenacity of those poets of the past and nowadays who produce massive works of many pages, even of whole books. To a degree we could all do the same, I certainly could by cobbling together many of the works I've already produced along with the one below.

This week I have used a structure ABABCC, to use shorthand for the way the lines rhyme. The subject is based around the current political situation and the position of ordinary people. Or at least that's how it began!

The People

Epic Poor

They say we are to be unscrewed,
by the state and it will be okay,
although experience nudges imagined
reality causing an unsteady sway.
Could tumble into the drink,
As has happened before with brink.

Not for myself am I concerned,
but the hapless, unknowing masses,
travelling their blundering way unlearned,
seemingly nailed into their classes,
divorced from the possibility,
of realising their full potentiality.

My fear is not the fact of change,
but the dearth of will to try,
and generate a different range,
of life experiences with which to benefit by.
Instead clutching tenaciously to inherited boundaries,
As if constructed, like them, in iron foundries.

However, at the media’s mercy for fact.
Do the BBC tell us what we need?
Are we too passive in the way we react.
Necessary for more focus on truth perceived.
Sampling a range of sources,
and building truths from others varying agendas.

All have a mature, hard won duty,
to be aware and take action when required,
in exercising a positive accountability,
and making a choice as felt is needed.
To eat the proverbial pachyderm,
begins with everyone taking bite firm.
©David L Atkinson October 2018

In fact it is sometimes necessary to define your limits.

God Bless

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