Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Poetry Thursday 478 - Rich Brew

I've said this on various occasions in the last few years and need to put it out there again. As a member of the population of the 6th richest nation in the world will someone explain why the number of poor in the country is increasing, the number of children in poverty is increasing, the number of food banks and their use is increasing; and yet, the number of billionaires is also increasing? To put the proverbial tin lid on it the life expectancy of the poor is going down and that of the rich is climbing to a point where there is a gap of 27 years between the privileged and the poor.

The common factor across the last 16 years during which things have gone from bad to worse is a capitalistic government. Stop voting conservative.

Rich Brew


What’s wrong with the world today,

when great wealth is available to take,

yet with all that money to pay,

poor people struggle forward steps to make.


We see people sleeping on the streets,

while billionaires play at spacemen,

governments take same steps on repeat,

and the rich are wealthier businessmen.


Who has the moral high ground,

if there is such to be gained,

are we inhabitants of capitalism’s compound,

to ensure the wealthy are maintained.


When will it all end as surely it must,

to restore fairness to our society,

so that in government we can trust,

and level up collective culpability.

©David L Atkinson October 2021

God Bless 

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