Monday, 21 November 2022

Tuesday Photo - Pen pics

You'll often hear it said of photos of faces, that you can see the personality shining through. Of course, we can all take photos of crowds and focus on individuals, or you may have photos of friends and family, making a collection of faces can help in the building of your characters for your writing.

Obviously, the above is of an older man but I would suggest if you decide to use this type of support the biggest range of ages the better.

For the more sensitive of my audience the above is a self-portrait from a photo taken when I was about 7 years old. In fact the top pic is from a website that takes personal snaps and makes it into the face of a Greek God. If you are nervous about having photos of friends and family you can keep it personal.

Then there are public figures.

Of course, you can also look at moods and situations as in the two waifs that appear from beneath the robes of the Ghost of Christmas Present from a Christmas Carol (1984 version). 

Again looking at faces whether drawn or photographed is looking at a moment in time and as a writer you can spend time describing that moment. The building of your characters is an important part of the story you're producing. 

You  have main characters and those less important that may only be a small part of the whole story, but they need to present as living people so that your story lives as well.

God Bless 

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