Monday, 30 January 2023

Writing - Personal statements

So how will the blurb go on the latest collection of poetry I am about to set free into the literary ether?

Born in Sunderland many years ago I went to college in Bradford and trained to be a teacher, a profession I followed for 34 years. It was while teaching that the writing bug bit but was largely unfulfilled. I say ‘largely unfulfilled’ because I did produce some poetry and even began planning a novel. The novel didn’t happen and sadly the poetry was eventually lost.

I have always had the ambition to write and eventually began proper in 2009 and have completed thirteen novels since. I blog daily on and there are also short stories, poetry as well as commentary on the writing process.

To all those people who love reading and believe that they may like to write one day, I would say – Go for it! Don’t expect instant success, it isn’t impossible but rather unlikely, but be true to yourself and deliver the art that is within you.

Or perhaps a little less personal.

I was born before the advent of computers, the internet, smartphones and shortly after a global conflict. Life was slower, more limited, and getting your hands dirty at work was acceptable. This was the foundation for the writing person I am today.

Poetry is the vehicle I tend to default to even though I have written several novels. The subject matter is varied although there are a significant political entries. The writing of poetry can also be a more emotional response to all kinds of events but intensely personal.

Whatever you take from this collection I hope that it inspires some to put pen to paper themselves.

Writing personal statements can be relevant in other media, such as CVs, so have a go for yourself and save it for future use.

God Bless 

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